Being a Band Chaperone is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to get involved with the Band and a great way to experience Band along-side your student!  The majority of chaperone opportunities occur with the Marching Band during the Fall Marching Band season.  The Band needs chaperones for both home and away football games and parades.  For each event the Band needs an equivalent number of male and female chaperones and we are always in need of medically trained chaperones.  


The primary duties of the Band Chaperones are to maintain headcount, a safe perimeter around the Band whether they are home or away, and assist students with a wide variety of needs.  Chaperones accompany groups of students to restrooms, assist with the distribution of water and snack, assist with emergency uniform repairs, and oversee the loading crew as needed.  The Band always has a medically trained chaperone with the group to address any minor medical or first aid issues that may arise.  



  1. Obtain & Submit Clearances - All new and returning chaperones should read and follow the directions provided on NA's  Volunteers and Visitors web page to  obtain and submit the necessary clearances. Band chaperones are categorized as Independent Volunteers. Please note: NA School District volunteers are required to update their clearances every five years. 

  2. Attend Chaperone Training - All chaperones must attend a Chaperone Training session.  A Chaperone Training session for both new and returning chaperones will be held on Thursday, August 4 at 7pm in the NASH Band Room. If needed, additional training sessions will be scheduled.

  3. Provide Availability - All  returning and new chaperones should complete the online form to provide applicable information and assignment preferences for the first half only (August and September) of the upcoming band  season. Chaperones will receive event assignment confirmations approximately one week prior to each event.  

Chaperones cannot be confirmed for an event until they have completed chaperone training and have submitted clearances. If you have additional questions about chaperoning, please contact Scott Albert at or Sam Liberto at Thank you for signing up  to chaperone. We look forward to volunteering with you!




Please contact Scott Albert ( or Sam Liberto ( if you have questions.