Majorette Mini-Camp

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Allegheny Valley Honors Band

Congratulations to the following NA Students who successfully auditioned into Allegheny Valley Honors Band.  The Allegheny Valley Band Festival will be held at Fox Chapel on January 5-6, 2023 and will conclude with a concert on Friday, January 6 at 7pm.


The Allegheny Valley Senior High Honors Band (grades 10 - 12)will be directed by Dr. Brian Norcross from Franklin & Marshall College.  NA Students selected for Senior High Honors Band are:


Seoyoung Bang - Clarinet 1

Adam Briggs - Tuba

Aditri Chaki - Flute 2

Ryan Choe - Percussion

Ryan Cordero - Alto 1

Austin Evancho - Trumpet 2

Evan Greenberg - French Horn 1

Robin Kuchler - Flute

Wren Kuchler - Flute

Andrew Long - Alto 1

Dan Longo - Alto 1

Yuki Qian - Clarinet

Chris Reynolds - Euphonium

Tyler Stefan - Trumpet 1

Beck Thompson - Oboe 2

Lauren Truitt - Clarinet 3

David Uh - Trumpet

Andrew Warner - Trumpet 2

David Willey - Tuba

Yeyong Yook - Flute 1

Athena Zhang - Flute


The Allegheny Valley Junior High Honors Band (grades 7 - 9) will be directed by Dr. Kate Ferguson from Youngstown State University.  NA Students selected for Junior High Honors Band are:


Ryan Anderson - French Horn 2 (IMS)

Matt Choe - Baritone Saxophone (CMS)

Ian Eom - Clarinet 2 (MMS)

David Cobbey - Percussion (NAI)

Billy Freiberg - Percussion (IMS)

Ciaran Gill - Tuba (IMS)

Connor Greenberg - Trumpet 2 (IMS)

Will Griffin - Trumpet (NAI)

Colin Hudak - Euphonium (IMS)

Lauren Hwang - Clarinet (NAI)

Summer Ji  - Flute (NAI)

Kenneth Kong - Oboe 1 (IMS)

Violet Kuchler - French Horn (NAI)

Mary Lucas - Trumpet 3 (CMS)

Leo Martino - Percussion (MMS)

Bryce Miller - Trumpet 3 (IMS)

Cedric Otey - Trumpet 3 (CMS)

Hayley Seidel - Clarinet (NAI)

Omisa Shah - Percussion (NAI)

Yunah Shin - (NAI)

Aradhya Sircar - Clarinet 1 (MMS)

Advaita Sircar - Trombone 3 (MMS)

Angie Sun - Flute 1 (IMS)

Jonathan Uh - Trumpet 1 (IMS)

Evan Wang - Flute 2 (MMS)

Daniel Wang - Clarinet 3 (IMS)

Mary Warner - French Horn (NAI)

Angela Wei (NAI)

Nadia Yusko - Flute (NAI)



Congratulations to the following NASH Students who successfully auditioned into PMEA Honors Jazz Band.  The PMEA Honors Jazz Festival will be held February 17 - 18, 2023 at Seton Hill University.


Ryan Cordero - Tenor Saxophone 2, Jazz Ensemble 1

Evan Greenberg - Trombone 2, Jazz Ensemble 2

Andrew Long - Alto Saxophone 2, Jazz Ensemble 1

Dan Longo - Tenor Saxophone 1, Jazz Ensemble 1





A Thank You from Mr. Baldanzi


In the season of giving thanks, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the NA marching band family that made the 2022 marching band season a successful experience.


Congratulations to the North Allegheny Football players and coaches on an exciting season. 


Thank you to our Athletic Director, Mr. Bob Bozzuto for his support of the marching band students and staff.


I would also like to thank the North Allegheny Board of School Directors for their support of the marching band students and staff.


Many thanks to Superintendent Dr. Friez, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Sciullo, and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Dowell for their support to the NA Marching Band.


I would like to thank our High School Principals Dr. Dirda, Mrs. Ewing, Mr. Salopek, Dr. Fraser and Dr. Morey for their endless support of the marching band students, parents and staff.


Thank you to Mr. Bob Tozier, Music Department Chair for his support of the NA Marching Band.


I would like to thank the NADBP President Amy Bistocchi, Treasurer Rob Maldia, Vice President Julie Greenberg, Secretary Cindy Schoeber, Record Keeper Jamie Willey and Web Master Sam Liberto for all the hours they put in to keep the marching band running smoothy.


Many thanks to Head Chaperone Scott Albert, Assistant Head Chaperone Terry Faber and all the parent chaperones who kept our students safe and fed throughout the season. 


I would also like to thank the Committee/Chairperson volunteers, with special thanks to Lori Albert and the Uniform Room volunteers for the countless hours they put in to make our student look amazing at each and every event. 


Thank you to my amazing marching band staff: Linda Granite, Evan Brown, Matt Gillott, Matt Hickly, Chelsea Schlipp, Emily Grecco and Marcy Anthony. The endless hours that you put in helped make our students look and sound great both on and off the field. 


And finally, last but certainly not least, I want to thank the students. We have come a long way since the first day of band camp. Each week you stepped it up to put on a better show than the week before, making it exciting to watch and listen to as we went through the season. Your work effort was outstanding, and I could not be more proud as your director. Thank again for all your hard work and I look forward to our Disney trip in the spring.      


Go Tigers!


$5000 Disney Trip Raffle Fundraiser!



Congratulations to Keith Lorenz, the winner of the Band's Disney Trip Raffle!  Many thanks to all who supported the Band through our raffle fundraiser.


Aramark Fundraising


Sign Up Now for Aramark Fundraising for the Second Half of the Pitt and Steelers' Seasons.  The Sign Up is Open for Aramark Fundraising for the remainder of the Pitt and Steelers Home Football games.  Please SIGN UP HERE for any games that you would like to work.  If you haven't yet worked an Aramark Fundraising event and are interested in joining us, please email  We welcome any adults and students ages 16+ who are interested in participating.  The fundraising payout ranges between $130 - $200 per person/per game so it is a quick way to earn a lot of fundraising credit towards your Disney trip.