From time to time, there may be circumstances that necessitate a student having an early dismissal from a Marching Band performance at a home or away football game or from a parade.  For example, taking the SAT/ACT/PSAT constitutes an acceptable reason for an early dismissal from a football game.  Students are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire game/parade, however in the event that an early dismissal is necessary, please complete the Early Dismissal Form and submit it to the Head Chaperone by email or in hard copy on the day of the event.  


Early Dismissals from football games occur immediately following the band's halftime performance.  A designated parent or guardian must sign out the student in person from the Head Chaperone at the time of the early dismissal.  No student will be dismissed early to self-transport home.


Early Dismissals from parades and other events should be coordinated with the Head Chaperone and the Band Director or Auxiliary Coach.