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Disney Travel & ID Requirements



We will be flying through Pittsburgh International Airport.  All students (and chaperones and directors) will go through standard TSA airport security screenings - luggage will be x-rayed, students will go through security scanners, all carry-on luggage could be subject to hand inspection, and all passengers could be subject to additional pat down screening.


All students (and chaperones and directors) are obligated to comply with TSA's federal travel identification requirements.  


Students who are 18 or older must show a valid ID at the security checkpoint in order to travel.  This means that students who are 18+ must have a valid form of photo identification.  The ONLY ACCEPTABLE forms of photo identification are as follows:


(1) a driver's license issued by the state of Pennsylvania or any other state**

(2) a state-issued non-driver's photo ID (these can be obtained from the DMV)

(3) a valid, non-expired Passport or passport card issued by the United States or any foreign government

(4) a Permanent resident card or other valid identification issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (i.e. an I-766 Employment Authorization Card)


**Note a paper driving learner's permit does not constitute valid ID for air travel.


Students who are under 18 may show any of the valid forms of ID listed above at the security checkpoint but are not required to do so.  If you are under 18 and have a valid ID we strongly suggest that you bring it with you because it will streamline the security process.