New York Trip Rooming Info 


For our New York City trip, the band will be staying in a hotel outside the city in New Jersey.  Rooming on the New York trip will be four students per room in a standard hotel room that contains two double or two queen beds. 


The School District has adopted a procedure requiring parents to acknowledge their student's rooming assignment in writing.


Room sign up will take place beginning on November 8.  Students should designate one person from their rooming group to complete the Google Form on behalf of the entire group.  If students have less than four students in their rooming group when they sign up, they should expect to have additional students assigned to their room to make a complete room of four students.  The NADBP and the Directors reserve the right to make necessary adjustments to rooming assignments to meet the needs of all band students and to make sure that all rooms have four students assigned to them.  This is a difficult process and the NADBP and directors make their best effort to group students together when necessary in a manner that is in the best interest of all students involved.


Once rooming sign up is completed, parents and students will receive a room authorization form that will need to be printed and signed by all students and parents.   If you have any questions or concerns about rooming assignments, please contact Mr. Baldanzi.



While in the hotel, students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate way that is not disruptive to other students or disruptive to other hotel guests or staff.  Additionally students are expected to adhere to specific curfew/lights out instructions that will be provided during the trip by the directors and chaperones.  Students are not permitted to leave their rooms after the designated lights out time except in the case of medical emergency.  Our travel agent has arranged for overnight security guards to patrol the hotel hallways and floors where band students will be housed.


All hotel rooms will inspected by an NADBP trip chaperone for damage upon check in.  Rooms will be inspected again at check out.