Disney FAQs


When is the Disney trip?

The Marching Band will travel to Orlando, Florida to march in the Magic Kingdom Parade, departing from NASH on Thursday, April 13 after school and returning to NASH the evening of Monday, April 17, 2023.


What is included in the trip cost?

Hotel accommodations, round-trip air transportation on private charter flights, ground transportation on charter buses, 2-day park ticket for Disney, 2-day park ticket for both Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, Disney parade, 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners, nighttime security guards, tour director.


Will students need to bring marching band uniforms and accessories.

Yes.  Large instruments, band uniforms and accessories will be transported to Orlando on the band trailer.  Students, personal luggage, and small instruments (clarinets and flutes only) will fly with students.


How many students will be in each hotel room?

4 students per room unless other accommodations and additional fees are arranged.


Will the orchestra and choir be going too? Are they in the same hotel?

Yes, the choir will be flying with us, but will stay in a different hotel. Due to difficulty in booking flights, the Orchestra trip is one day off from ours, running from Wednesday -Sunday. Orchestra also will be lodged in a separate hotel from the band. We usually see them in one or two of the parks, but our groups are too large to share one hotel.


How many days of school will the students miss? How do they make up work?

The students will miss 2 days of school. Teachers are often accommodating to students making up work since we can give them plenty of notice, and hundreds of music students will be missing school at the same time.


What are the best fundraisers to cover trip costs?

Every student should be able to go on the trip, use the fundraisers! There are always students who cover the entire trip cost through fundraising. Aramark, and Raise Right are the most profitable fundraising options but we have numerous sales fundraisers occurring and planned in the coming months. We encourage all families to participate in fundraising for the trip. All fundraising opportunities can be viewed on our website under the Trip Fundraising tab.


Is there travel insurance?

Trip payments are non-refundable; canceling and refunding money in 2020 was a unique circumstance. An optional travel protection plan will be offered to each individual participant to purchase on their own.


Am I able to perform in Disney with both Marching Band and Orchestra or Choir?

No, the coordination/transportation/handling of instruments between groups will not be feasible.